Sunday, August 2, 2009

David Norris got his name from a beer

That's not even a joke. Allow JJO, who holds a black belt in information, to expound:

At three years old, little David Norris listened attentively as his father Dave, grandfather Ken and uncle Mike ordered beers during dinner at El Chorro restaurant in California. So, he ordered a Bud, too, thus picking up the nickname he has carried ever since.

Tejada, on Norris:
“That’s what we needed here. We need a young guy who can throw hard. He looks like he knows how to pitch and I think we’re going to be a better team. To see that kid pitching, now we have more power in the starting pitching. Every team has a power arm in their starting pitching, and I think now we have him, we have Roy and we have Wandy. I think we can battle with these three guys. If (Mike) Hampton pitches a good game and Moehler pitches a good game I think we’re going to be OK.”

Valverde, on Norris:
“What that kid (Norris) did today was special. You have to talk about how he took care of (Albert) Pujols and Holliday. I thought he might be tight, but he was real confident.”

Pudge, on Norris:
“He pitched very well. I could see he was relaxed all day. He didn’t try to do too much. He threw strikes and had a great fastball.”

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Anonymous said...

I thing David having good name, from a beer.

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