Thursday, June 4, 2009

Valverde ready to go?

Within this morning's Notes section, we learn that Valverde may be ready to go on some rehab assignments (he can check with Backe on the restaurants that Corpus has to offer):

JV threw a bullpen and went through PFP for the first time since landing on the DL on 4/27.

"I threw all my pitches. I threw my fastball, my split-finger, my sinker, everything. It was 30 pitches. Everything’s good. I’d be ready to pitch right now."

Pitching coach Dewey Robinson, who supervised:
"Today he was free and easy, fielding bunts, covering first, comebackers, all the PFP stuff. He threw a solid bullpen. He looked good on the mound. Now I think it’s just a case of facing hitters and getting comfortable in a game-type setting."

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