Monday, May 11, 2009

Off-Day Argument

So... Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe has a very long column dealing with a long list of items. But one caught my eye:

An excerpt:
A couple of major league owners whispered to me last week that they wish there was something they could do to void contracts when a player such as a Manny Ramírez is suspended for violating the drug policy.

While Dodgers owner Frank McCourt will get $7.7 million in relief for Ramírez's unpaid 50-game suspension, owners would like to get rid of such contracts altogether.

"There ought to be something to protect us from something like this," said a National League owner. "We sign a contract with a player in good faith and then the contract is violated and the player basically can't live up to the terms of the contract because of his behavior.

"It's just not right that we have to be stuck with a contract like that."

So the off-day argument is as follows: If an MLB player violates the drug policy, should their contract be voided?