Monday, May 11, 2009

Doing the Splits: Carlos Lee

Doing the Splits is a new feature we're rolling out today. You have seen the phrase in dealing with pitchers, but we're going to focus on interesting batters' splits from time to time. Today? Carlos Lee...

Over the last 7 days, El Caballo is:
11x22, .500/.577/.773, 4XBH-7RBI, 2K:4BB
Over the last 14 days:
20x46, .435/.471/.630, 7XBH-11RBI, 2K:4BB

Vs RHP: 28x88, .318/.351/.545, 12XBH-20RBI, 8K:6BB
Vs LHP: 11x29, .379/.455/.655, 4XBH-6RBI, 2K:4BB

After a first-pitch strike: 16x48, .333/.320/.563, 5XBH-10RBI, 6K:0BB
After a first-pitch ball: 14x52, .269/.381/.442, 7XBH-7RBI, 4K:10BB
When swinging at the first pitch: 9x17, .529/.529/1.000, 4XBH-9RBI

With RISP: 14x36, .389/.468/.750, 7XBH-22RBI, 3K:8BB
With runners on: 19x54, .352/.424/.648, 8XBH-24RBI, 6K:9BB

With 0 outs: 13x33, .394/.400/.697, 6XBH-9RBI, 2K:1BB
With 1 out: 12x38, .316/.364/.579, 4XBH-11RBI, 5K:4BB
With 2 out: 14x46, .304/.373/.478, 6XBH-6RBI, 3K:5BB

1st time facing SP: 7x31, .226/.219/.258, 1XBH-2RBI, 3K:0BB
2nd time facing SP: 11x26, .423/.516/.923, 7XBH-10RBI, 1K:5BB
3rd+ time facing SP: 11x25, .440/.500/.680, 4XBH-6RBI, 2K:3BB
Vs Relievers: 10x35, .286/.308/.514, 4XBH-8RBI, 4K:2BB