Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Keith Law posts 1st round mock draft

ESPN's Keith Law has posted his first round mock draft today. Where do the Astros fit in?

21. Houston Astros
Chad James, lhp, Yukon HS, Yukon, Okla.: Their two major prep pitching signings from last year are off to good starts in pro ball, which doesn't hurt any argument to take a guy like James, even if he ends up signing for more than slot.

More about Chad James (which, should the Astros select him, would be fun keeping straight from Brad James):
James is a four-pitch lefty with two above-average pitches (watch scouting video) in his fastball and curve. His fastball will touch 95 mph and he sits 89-92 deep into starts, while his sharp mid-70s curveball has good depth and some angle to it. He works primarily with those two pitches but does have a slider that's somewhat flat and a show-me changeup. He has an excellent pitcher's frame and a clean delivery with just a little recoil at the end. In the windup, he can rush off the rubber and could see a little more velocity if he stays vertical longer before striding to the plate, although this is less of an issue for him out of the stretch. As a good-bodied lefty with velocity and a good delivery, he's not likely to get out of the first round.

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