Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If Miguel Tejada hits .380 but no one notices, does it still happen?

Because .380 is exactly what Miggs is hitting so far this month. He has a 10-game hitting streak. In those ten games, Tejada...

-Is 19x41 with five doubles and three homers.
-Has a line of .463/.476/.805
-Has raised his batting average 34 points
-Has raised his slugging percentage 81 points
-Has 2+ hits in six games

Meanwhile, at Surprising Statistics Station, Hunter Pence ranks 3rd (.352), Tejada 7th (.348) and Carlos Lee 15th (.324) on the NL batting average leaderboard.


Seth said...

Trade him soon. Throw a little bait out there now... bob it up and down a little bit... then set the hook so deep there's no way you lose it. Buy low, sell high. Well, this case would be buy high, sell hopefully as high.

Ryan Sides said...

Where are they in OBP and slugging? Those are the two that matter most (to me) because you're getting (a) free bases or (b) lots of bases.

And singles are a lot of times luck. While there are some lucky doubles and homers, it's not as common.

Just my two cents :)