Saturday, May 23, 2009

And the news just keeps getting better for the Hooks

One game is one game. But to enjoy a 4-0 lead, and then to lose 24-6...that could take some time for confidence (not to mention ERAs) to recover.

Here's your pitching line for last night's Corpus/Midland game:

James: 2.1IP, 8H/9ER, 0K:3BB
Lopez: 2IP, 10H/7ER, 1K:0BB
Semerano: 3.2IP, 10H/8ER,0K:3BB

Midland was 14x26 with RISP, and STILL left nine men on base.

That said: Drew Meyer was 3x4, Drew Locke 2x5, and Mark Ori 4x5.

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