Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pudge is making "talent evaluators" nervous

In Buster Olney's blog post today on Promising Players Drawing the Notice of Scouts (but not in a good way, parentheses mine):

4. Ivan Rodriguez, Astros. Houston signed him after the Astros' in-house catching candidates struggled in spring, and after I-Rod had a strong showing early in the WBC. Now he's off to a .185 start, with five hits (two extra-base hits) in 27 at-bats. "He's what, 37-years-old, 38?" asked one scout.

Thirty-seven is right. "He's caught a whole lot of games, and eventually, that takes its toll," said one talent evaluator. "They might be looking for a catcher before the year's over."


jphelps said...

Pudge will be fine, he is just out of sync right now. His bat speed looks good and his arm is strong. It'll only be a matter of time before the BA gets into a normal range (.265-.285). His defense is already ahead of most catchers.

pudgerocksursox! said...

It took some time for the other guys to get back to their normal selves, well almost, and they don't have to learn a whole new pitching staff while ajusting to the national for the second time in eighteen years. He'll get his bat back, he always does.

Rob S said...

Not to be a naysayer, unless last year was the exception, Pudge averaged out to .247. Granted he was at .295 before going to the Yanks, but he looked awful. I remember when I was at a Yankee game in August up there (might have been his first as a Yank), and thinking wow I bet they regret trading for him, as he was horrid.

With his age, I say last year was more the norm, with this year .265 being the ceiling for him. He's better than what we had/have but I don't think, nor count on much from him this year except for better than Q numbers at the bottom of the lineup (where he belongs).

I think Kevin Bass said it best on the radio today that he's overeager right now to prove doubters wrong. I think he will settle down eventually and finish in the .200-.250 range by seasons end...which Im fine with at the catcher's spot.