Thursday, April 16, 2009

Notes: Meet LaTroy Hawkins, Resident Contrarian

Interesting viewpoint from LaHawk on wearing Jackie's #42:
"It loses its luster when everybody does it. I think everybody has a certain level of respect for Jackie, and it’s not like anybody now shouldn’t know who he is and what he’s done for the game. I’d hate to see if there is a professional baseball player that doesn’t know his legacy in the game. Shame on him if there is.”

I agree with the shaming of ignorance, but I don't think it loses its luster. Baseball players are identified by their numbers. The fact that all of the Major Leaguers wear one number for one day on the anniversary of the day baseball integrated makes it more special.

In other Newts:
Backe threw 60 pitches off the mound...
"I feel pretty good. I was pretty cautious out there today. The mound is pretty reminiscent of the game I got hurt. It would have been stupid of me to throw the ball hard and test it out with the mound the way it was."

And the leadoff spot will belong to Michael Bourn, at least for today, with Matsui out until tomorrow. Bourn did not record a hit, but did get a leadoff walk and scored later that inning. Interesting note: in games Bourn was the leadoff hitter in 2008, he only recorded two game-starting walks.