Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just Shut Him Down Already!

So Jose Valverde, is jacked up. He still hasn't recovered from last week's comebacker off his leg, and will miss at least two more games.

When asked if Valverde would be placed on the DL, Cooper said:
"“We’ll have to wait and see how it goes in the next day or so. Give him a couple days. That’s what he needs. He’s a guy that we need, so we can’t have him limping around and going through the next two or three weeks like this. We need to get him right, so whatever it takes."

Why we're even debating this is totally beyond me. I realize you can retroactively put a player on the DL, but obviously Valverde's hurt, it's not getting any better, and I'd rather have him out for two weeks to get fully healed - let him get all the massages and ice he wants - and come back strong. It's better for him to sit out and "get him right" than to hobble around for a couple of days, make interesting games even more interesting, and then sit out for three more days.

In other injury news, Humberto Quintero will start shoulder exercises today:

“I’ll start moving my shoulder tomorrow. And I think by Wednesday or Thursday I’ll be allowed to start playing catch. I’m feeling better, but the right side of my neck is still real sore.”
Brandon Backe's fastball touched 90 in his rehab start with Round Rock last night, and threw 63 pitches (38 for strikes).


German Rodriguez said...

I was worried last night when I saw Pudge down in pain right before the commercial break. I thought 'Oh great, Towles is all by himself.' Luckily Pudge shook it off and stayed in the game.

jphelps said...

We could use another arm in the bullpen, especially being out on the road. Shutting down Valverde for two weeks wouldn't be that awful considering we just got Brocail back and Lahawk can hold it down.

The Constable. said...

Totally agree. I'd rather have him out for two weeks - and looking at all sorts of video - than have him coming back and forth for the next two months.

Jason Cardwell said...

I imagine they will make a decision once they figure out what's going on with Backe and Moehler.

I think they should shut him down as well and just get him healthy.