Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reactions to G20 - Astros at Reds

Hunter Pence:
“Roy Oswalt is the story of the game. He came out and pitched an unbelievable game. He kept us in it. The offense took awhile to get started. His outing is the reason we were able to win.”

Cooper, on Roy:
“He was solid tonight. And this is the way Roy’s going to be pitching for us all year. That’s what we anticipate. “Tonight was what we ordered, just what we ordered. We needed Roy to go deep in the ballgame tonight, and he did a great job, and then Tim Byrdak and Chris both pitched well for us at the end and closed it out. That’s what we need: clutch hits and some good pitching.””

Berkman, on playing in Cincinnati:
“It’s kind of funny. When I’m struggling, I’ll start feeling better, and I’ll look up at the schedule and we’ll have a trip coming in here.”

Oswalt, on his no decision:
“The team won. That’s all we’re looking for.”

Tejada, on the fourth inning error/injury:
"I just dropped it. I went running to the base, and I think that's why that ball just hit in the middle of my glove. I think I put my head down a little bit. The ball hit me right in my glove."

Reds closer Francisco Cordero:
“I’m not happy because of the way Johnny Cueto pitches. He pitched great. He gave the team a chance to win. I’ve got to make better decisions, better pitches. It happens but I’m a little bit upset.”

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