Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Game 2 recap

First off, give it up to Deputy Jason for his 1st live blog of the season. The first of what I hope to be many more to come. Because he's better at it than I am, and let's face it, the Astros are 0-1 when I live blog. Let's get right to it, so I can go to bed.

Wandy Rodriguez
As good as you could hope for as he went toe-to-toe with Dempster and looked great. Except for in the 6th, when he walked the first two he faced. Luckily Bradley shovel-whacked Pudge with the bat on the follow-through and Wandy regained his focus.
6IP, 4H, 1ER, 3BB, 4K; 88p/52s (59.1%); He did throw first-pitch balls to 11 batters.
I'm most impressed with Wandy's giving up 10 groundballs to 3 flyouts and his fastball mixed from 87-91.

Chris Sampson
1IP, OH; 7p/5s (71.4%)

.2IP, 2H, 1ER, 1K, 1 900-foot HR to Soriano. 15p/10s (66.7%)

1IP, 2K, and I saw his fastball touch 99mph; 17p/10s (58.8%)

.2IP, 2K; 14p/9s (64.3%)

.1IP, 1W; 2p/2s (100.0%)


Once again, very little offense from the Astros, but Bourn is doing very well, taking a pitch opposite field to drive in the 1st Astros run of the game. Then there was the issue with the weird check-swing that resulted in a force-out at third. Carlos Lee hasn't looked good yet, and Pudge looked terrible until the 10th. Five Astros hits came from 6-7-8. Though the three runs on ten hits upsets me, it was nice to see Keppinger push a broken-bat walk-off single through for the first Astros win of the season.

Official attendance was 31,121 - though that is being very generous. By the Astros' "Play Green" slogan, apparently they mean the color of the seats that were very obviously empty.

Man of the Match:
Obvious pick is Jeff Keppinger, and I really thought about Wandy, but I'm going to give it to Michael Bourn - now hitting .375 and knew his place in the 6th to drive in Blum.

Goat of the Game:
Sorry, LaHawk. That was one major mistake you made to Soriano.

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