Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reactions to G2 - Cubs @ Astros

Astros win 3-2 (10)

About Michael Bourn's check-1-5, from Coop:
"I have to talk to Michael about that, so we'll talk about it," Cooper said. "In that situation a lot of times it is tough to put down a bunt. Guys do have the green light to be able to do something with the ball other than to bunt it right into an out. I thought it was a pretty good play. It just didn't get quite executed."
I know it's easy to look back with a different perspective since the Astros won, and all, but does anybody see what Bourn did as a sign of self-confidence - something that was totally lacking last year?

From Cubs' closer Kevin Gregg:
"It's a situation in which you do what you can to get out of the inning," Gregg said. "You start out with the fly ball, which is fine. Now it's a situation where it's bases loaded and you have to get a ground ball or a strikeout. I got my ground ball. He just didn't hit it at anybody."

From Jeff Keppinger:
“I don’t think I could have scripted it any better. It’s definitely a good welcoming right there. And I’m glad I could come through for the team.”

Scripted it any better. Right. Hit under .200 in Spring Training, get traded within your division to platoon with Geoff Blum, and then hit a walk-off single in your first at-bat. Dennis Quaid just called his agent about movie rights.