Saturday, March 28, 2009

More third base rumors!

From Alyson Footer's mailbag, where she addresses a cornucopia of subjects, including the possibilities for the Astros at third base. Here are the names with which she comes up:

-Tigers' Mike Hessman, 31
-Reds' Jeff Keppinger, 28
-Rangers' Travis Metcalf, 26
-Angels' Matt Brown, 26
-Giants' Juan Uribe, 29
-Rockies' Jeff Baker, 27

Interestingly enough, Jayson Stark mentions in his blog today that the Astros have "kicked the tires" on Keppinger and, of course, Baker. In a little ding on the Credibility Scale, Stark also notes that Chris Johnson looks like he'll be 3B1 if the Astros don't make the deal for Baker. Whereas Footer flat-out says he's headed for Round Rock.