Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why make decisions now when you can make them later?

Because I'm sure the stress of being a Major League Baseball player isn't enough. Why don't we make them sweat for a few more days? That's the mindset of Easy Eddie.

“I’m a believer, particularly in major decisions, you use as much time as you have to make the right decision,” general manager Ed Wade said. “I can see us breaking here (Thursday) with more than 25 players and still a couple of decisions left to make.”

Well, when you put it like that... but what are these decisions?

“I think Capellan has thrown well and has put his best foot forward in every outing he’s had down here, as has Ortiz. Russ’ innings have been cleaner than Capellan, but Jose has done a nice job.”
That's the "you're a nice girl, and all..." line. I've used it once or twice - okay, once - in my life. Expect Capellan at The Rock.

“You kind of want more defense, but one guy kind of carries that tag of being a good offensive player (Smith), and the younger guy carries a tag of being a more defensive player (Maysonet),” Cooper said. “I think they both have done pretty well on both ends. They’ve both swung it good and played good defense. Ideally you want a guy who can catch the ball. More times than not, he’s going to play second, short and maybe third base, maybe even the outfield. He’ll pinch run. He’s got to be able to do all those things and do them well.”
Just to be clear, The Kid is Chris Johnson. The Younger Guy is Edwin Maysonet. This one really will come down to the weekend.

And Chris Johnson can keep his fingernails squarely between his teeth. Regard:
“If he’s with us, he’s not going to sit on the bench, that’s for sure,” Cooper said. “I don’t think that’s what you do with a young kid.”
Indicating that Johnson is either going to start, or he's going to The Rock.