Saturday, March 7, 2009

And continuing this wonderful Spring...

Hey, at least a cherry blossom tree has...uh, blossomed outside. That's about the only thing about Spring going right for Astros fans. The Astros lost - again - this time to the Cardinals, 5-1.

The Astros got more hits than errors today, though. So that's nice. But only four of them. One a pinch hit from John Gall, the others from Berkman, Erstad and Bogusevic. Chris Johnson drew the lone walk for the Astros.

Geoff Geary had the only perfect outing, with a strikeout in 1 IP.
Hampton went three innings and gave up two earned runs on three hits.
Russ Ortiz had his worst outing this spring, with three earned runs on three walks and four hits. Of the 15 batters he faced, seven reached base.
Byrdak threw 1.1IP and walked a batter, while Valverde threw one inning and walked two batters. Neither of them scored, and his ERA lowered to 6.00.