Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ed Wade defends varying degrees of inactivity

In an interview with Alyson Footer, Ed Wade had many things to say - many of them regarding the same thing: why the Astros haven't done a whole lot, and why they will continue to do exactly that.

They talked to a lot of guys (Wolf, Braden Looper), but probably just to look like the Astros talked to a bunch of guys. Oh, and Pudge?

"We haven't had a conversation involving Pudge in several weeks and have never made a formal proposal."

It's interesting that apparently a conversation took place several weeks ago, and this week is the first time it's been kicked around in the press.

Regardless: Hooray! Then regard this:

The Astros' payroll is expected to be $107 million on Opening Day, so had Wade been successful with either Looper or Wade, someone else would've had to go, likely via a trade. With Looper and Wolf off the table, it's unlikely the Astros will pursue any of the free agents still available.

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