Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Run-DMc talks season tickets

Run-DMc (Drayon McLane, for you newbies to Astros County) spoke at a business breakfast in Prattville, Alabama and predicted uncertain times for the economic state of baseball. Here's a quote or two:

“Baseball is going to be the first professional sport that is really going to see what the impact the recession has because we don’t start until April. When the NFL season started, that was before the recession really got going and they were selling their sponsorships and season tickets before there were problems. The NBA started in late October. It was into the recession, but not nearly as in-depth as it is today.”

He then discussed where the Astros are in terms of '09 season ticket sales, 10,000 sold so far - projecting to 16,000-17,000 - or about 40% of stadium capacity.

Run-DMc also said what we all have known all along - that the roster is pretty much set. These are your 2009 Houston Astros. However, payroll is expected to be "$105 million." That's a little higher than I had thought, or previously seen. Might there be room for Honest Andy?