Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh Snap. Could months of baseless speculation actually be paying off?

Ken Davidoff of Newsday is reporting that Honest Andy "is extremely unhappy with the Yankees, and might be softening on his opposition to rejoining the Astros."

Davidoff goes on to say that, since Pettitte rejected $10 million, the Yankees may even offer him less money as a way of teaching Honest Andy a lesson.

Then this nugget:
"Pettitte has a strong relationship with Houston ace Roy Oswalt, who in turn has a good relationship with Astros owner Drayton McLane. The Astros could stretch their payroll to make room for the Houston resident Pettitte."

Notice how Drayton freed up more payroll in that business lunch, saying payroll would be around $105 million? Just maybe...

Astros County has been reporting on Pettitte since November. Just so you know.

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