Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Astros interested in So Taguchi

According to a report out of Japan (thanks, Tim Dierkes), the Astros are interested in 39-year old outfielder So Taguchi. You may remember Taguchi from the '04 and '05 playoffs, when the Cardinals sent a three-man lineup of Pujols, Edmonds and Taguchi up to bat repeatedly...

I jest. But seriously, I don't get this report - especially with three set outfielders, Erstad and Abercrombie on the bench and no proven backup options in the infield.

Back to the Kyodo report, this was said:
Nero (Alan Nero - Taguchi's agent) said that Houston was one of five teams he has talked to thus far that has shown interest in the 39-year-old, adding that he still needs to talk to the other 25 major league teams to see if there are any other takers for his client.

Does that sound like a hint to you?