Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What about Huston Street

You've got to wonder. Richard Justice reports that the Astros are likely to move Jose Valverde (and Ty Wigginton).

The Colorado Rockies are sitting back and waiting for offers for former University of Texas closer Huston Street (and Garrett Atkins).

Well, what do you know. The Astros would be in the market for a closer and a third baseman, and the Rockies are listening to offers. Given that the Astros and Rockies have dealt with each other before (remember Willy Taveras for Jason Johnson), could this be on the backburner?

Let's take a look at payroll, because that's a consideration for Drayton McLane (DMCs, as he will now be known):

Garrett Atkins made $4,837,500 in 2008 (and is not currently under contract)
Huston Street made $3,300,000 in 2008 (and is not currently under contract), both signing to avoid arbitration.

So that's taking on - at the minimum - $8,137,500 in salary, but sure to go up in 2009.

Jose Valverde made $4,700,000 and is eligible for arbitration in 2009.
Ty Wigginton made $4,350,000 and is eligible for arbitration in 2009.

It's doubtful that the Rockies would want to take on the salaries, but with the Rockies likely losing Fuentes and waiting for offers on Street, you never know. And what do you call a blog that doesn't start baseless rumors? Boring.

Valverde doesn't have much of a sample size, but since 2006 Valverde has pitched in 9 games at Coors Field, giving up no homers and posting a 2.55 ERA.

If the Astros are planning on cutting payroll to accommodate other players' escalating salaries, then this doesn't make much sense. Especially since $3.5 million is a lot to pay LaTroy Hawkins to pitch in the 7th inning, they could be setting him up to close.

What do you think?