Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

There's not much happening in AstroWorld right now, but I guess I felt some sort of compulsion. I need professional help. 

*I turned 41 this week. Last night, I needed to pop my back and so I laid down face-down in the floor and my dear wife popped it for me. She also, because she is swole, cracked one of my ribs. This comes on the heels of breaking a bone in my foot in July and tripping before Thanksgiving and breaking two ribs in my back. Things are great. 

* on how the AL West's catchers stack up.

*Forrest Whitley gets some love for his changeup and cutter.

*The Astros are preparing for fans in the stands at Spring Training.

*Check out Jake Kaplan's new Astros mailbag, which discusses Carlos Correa and his extension possibilities, Jeremy Pena, the decision to re-sign Michael Brantley after not extending a qualifying offer, Pedro Leon, farm system rankings, the leadoff spot, and Chas McCormick vs. Stephen Souza. 

*FOAC Kevin Goldstein wrote about how minor-league contracts come to be. Don't miss his introductory FanGraphs' column from yesterday

*Government officials are recommending delaying the start of the 2021 MLB season by a month.

*Make sure you check out Levi Weaver's (unlocked) article on living with Depression.

*The Rodeo got cancelled

*The Atlantic: The Library of Possible Futures.

*Leeds United 1 Everton 2. Leeds dominated the entire second half, but couldn't overcome an inexplicable first goal and a predictable goal off a corner kick. Leeds remain in 11th place, but are at less than 1% to get relegated.

*Outside: Is fast food better for you when it's plant-based? As someone who had an Impossible Breakfast Sandwich just this morning, either I got hoodwinked or that stuff is legit. 

*Myanmar or Burma? Why the different names matter.

*The Golden Globe nominations were released and the only thing I can think of is why Scandal isn't on there.

*Rolling Stone: The Ballad of Justin Townes Earle.

*I am on a year-long quest to listen to all of Rolling Stone's Greatest 500 Albums of All-Time. I won't listen to compilations or albums that aren't on Spotify, but I am now on #399 and let me tell you, I've already listened to a whole bunch of bullcrap in 2021.

*The Musical Selection is Not Bullcrap: