Wednesday, May 6, 2020

'Rona/Politics-Free Hot Links, Vol. 24

*Happy 30th birthday, Jose Altuve! Through the Age 29 season, here's how some of the greats stack up (organized by hits):

A-Rod: 7,100 PAs, 80.5 bWAR, 1901 hits, .962 OPS, 146 OPS+ [squints]
Altuve: 5,458 PAs, 36.7 bWAR, 1568 hits, .827 OPS, 126 OPS+
Ripken: 6,375 PAs, 57.7 bWAR, 1552 hits, .802 OPS, 122 OPS+
Jeter: 5,523 PAs, 40.4 bWAR, 1546 hits, .851 OPS, 121 OPS+
Rose: 5,515 PAs, 35.1 bWAR, 1532 hits, .811 OPS, 123 OPS+
Gwynn: 4,527 PAs, 35.6 bWAR, 1354 hits, .826 OPS, 132 OPS+
Bagwell: 4,410 PAs, 43.1 bWAR, 1112 hits, .945 OPS, 159 OPS+
Biggio: 4,482 PAs, 29.7 bWAR, 1105 hits, .784 OPS, 120 OPS+

*Speaking of, Brian McTaggart has the Astros' Top Five international signings.

*Chandler Rome: How James Click is using this [waves hands] break to get to know the organization.

*Bob Feller, on The Catch:
Too much is made of it. We all knew Willie would make that catch. It wasn't that hard. He's Willie Mays.

*There may be a plan to bring MLB back in July.

*FanGraphs: World Series tactics, 2004-2006.

*Collin McHugh went on MassLive to talk about his progress and the potential return of baseball.

*Eight amazing seasons that could only happen in the 1980s.

*The Athletic: An oral history of Allen Iverson's "We talking about practice, man" press conference.

*San Antonio Magazine: Pearl Beer's Rebirth.

*The hilarious attempted coup in Venezuela.

*Vox: At home with Yoga With Adriene.