Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

First: If you've been a long-time reader of Astros County dot com you know that I lived in Nashville for over five years. I love that city. I didn't really want to move back to Texas, but I am still happily married (going on 17 years) so it worked out. Obviously we still have a number of friends in Nashville who, I'm happy to report, are all okay. There are many who aren't. You can donate to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee here.

The Astros lost to the Cardinals. The Grapefruit League is the same trope in a lot of northeastern college basketball in which it seems like every time you look at ESPN's Bottom Line Iona has beaten Siena. The Astros only play the Nationals, Yankees, Braves, Cardinals, and Tigers. There's no other games.

Dustin Garneau hit a homer. Correa had a double. Kyle Tucker is still 0xSpring Training. Verlander threw 2.2IP, 3H/3R (2ER), 3K:1BB, Game 4 Hero Jose Urquidy allowed 2H/0ER, 4K:0BB in 3IP, Forrest Whitley walked one with two strikeouts in 1IP.

The best news is that Verlander's groin is as okay as you can expect when you're married to Kate Upton. Verlander, who hit 97mph:
Today, first and foremost, was to come out of it feeling good. Having no issues with the groin. Check. Hoping that the velo's decent, which I think it was for this time of year. Better than normal.

*Jose Altuve and Yordan Alvarez were both out - Altuve with The Sickness and Yordan with sore knees (this is absolutely not a good sign). Dusty:
We decided not to play (Yordan) in the outfield. We decided not to DH him. Just give him a couple of days to get over some soreness. He's OK.

Add Martin Maldonado to that list, with a sore thumb.

*Dusty said that today's outing from Forrest Whitley was the best he's seen of Whitley, which makes sense because Whitley hasn't been around Dusty so much:
That's the best I've seen him. That's the highest velocity I've seen (from him) since I've been here. He was a lot better. 

Forrest Whitley is QB1 with a confidence issue. He needs short passes to get his dander all up to eventually get to the long ball (but not the home run type). Today was a short pass day and he completed a few of them. Good for Forrest Whitley.

*Jose Urquidy is working on his release point, and it's going pretty well.

*Former Astros Great Dallas Keuchel spent $25,000 on a team dinner and noted asshat Tim Anderson changed his tune about the 2017 Astros. Anderson:
Man, that was unbelievable. That definitely helps team chemistry, letting you know the bond we have, and that we're cool with each other. It says a lot about the man for doing that. 

I'm old enough to remember less than two weeks ago when Tim Anderson said to someone with a microphone:
We're coming for everyone the same way but they have a little icing on their cake. They cheated us so many games we played, we got to make it sweet for them. We're trying to knock everybody's heads off, from the owner down to the trainer. Everybody, it don't matter. If you're a Houston Astro, we're coming. 

Damn those are Big Words with Intent. But a 2017 Astro buys Tim Anderson a Really Good Burger and he changes that tune awfully quick. Fraud.

*Noted Fraud A-Rod said that the Astros need to show more remorse. You know, like he did.

*The Great Model Train Robbery.

*A Musical Selection: