Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sunday Morning Hot Links

*George Springer donated $100,000 to employees at Minute Maid Park affected by the delay of Opening Day.

*Alex Bregman has donated enough money to build 1,000 stand-by quarantine boxes for Houston's most vulnerable populations.

*Astros major-leaguers still have not reached a consensus about staying in West Palm Beach, or going home. Astros minor-leaguers are beginning to depart West Palm Beach.

*Rogelio Armenteros underwent arthroscopic surgery to remove a bone spur from his throwing elbow. He will be out approximately four months and is another shot to the Astros' high level of pitching prospects.

*Richard Justice writes that Justin Verlander is one of the Coronavirus Shutdown's most interesting storylines.

At this point, industry sources believe it is unlikely the season will begin before May, which is dependent, of course, on the containment of the virus. 

This is a great rundown of the issues that MLB, MLBPA, and minor-leaguers across the sport face. Meanwhile, minor-leaguers are delivering DoorDash orders to get paid for the first time since August.

*What we know about the 27 Houston-area Coronavirus cases.

*ABC13: Houstonians could see Coronavirus Drive-Thru Testing as early as next week. Mayor Sylvester Turner:
There's no reason to panic. I know anxiety levels are high. I get that, but this is not a crisis we have not expected in some form or fashion. Harvey, that was a new phenomenon, structures impacted. But, we came through that and we're still standing, resilient. We focus on bouncing back. Houston has been challenged before, and we've risen to the occasion. We'll rise to the occasion if we don't panic, properly manage and recognize that it's not a sprint. You're going to have to run several laps. 

*Good news: Baltimore's Trey Mancini had a successful surgery to remove a malignant tumor from his colon.

*The Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum is closing indefinitely. In February 2007 Upstate New York got a blizzard that resulted in over 20" of snow. I was working for the Hall of Fame at the time, but I was with my boss and his boss (who would later become the President of the HOF) in Los Angeles, where it was 70 degrees. As we started to make our way back to New York, all our wives were calling/texting asking if we were insane to leave southern California to come back to the aftermath of a blizzard. Security at the HOF told us just to stay put. We didn't. We got back to Cooperstown, where I thought I could just crawl over a snowbank to get to my house and ended up with snow in my boxers as my bosses laughed and drove off. I got a text saying if I couldn't make it in to the office until 10am (we got back at 8am), it would be okay.

*Are you taking the quarantine seriously? Here's Keith Law's Top 100 Board Games. He hates your favorite board game.

*Have you screwed up your professional life beyond repair? May you have the survival instincts of Rick Pitino, and the desperation of an Iona in your life.

*This idiot, and her editors, just got fired for saying a global pandemic was "another attempt to impeach the president."

*These South Tennessee morons have 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer that they can't sell for a horrific profit because Amazon shut them down. Imagine being such a capitalistic vulture that Amazon shuts you down.

*Op-Ed: I'm an American living in Italy where 60 million people are trapped. It's horrific.

*What does coronavirus do to your body?

*30 Workouts For When You're Stuck Indoors.

*If you're going to be stuck inside for a while, take care of yourself. I suggest Smiling Mind. They're a non-profit, so everything is free. If you have some cash lying around, maybe Headspace is the best for you.

*A Musical Selection: