Monday, March 2, 2020

Monday Morning Hot Links

The Astros beat the Cardinals, 5-4. Lance McCullers faced three batters in his first action since Tommy John Surgery and struck Paul Goldschmidt out, got a groundball out, and allowed a hit in 16 pitches.

Joe Biagini and Joe Smith allowed 3ER in 2IP on two home runs. Ronnie Dawson got a 2-run triple.

McCullers, who was up to 94mph:
I'm very happy with it. I felt really good. I executed mostly what I wanted to do. Out of the 16 I threw, really only maybe one or two that I didn't execute kind of the way I was hoping to, pre-pitch. Really happy with just the way I felt overall and being out there again with the guys.

The Astros are off today. Dusty is going fishing.

*Alex Bregman has been ill for the last few days and hasn't been working out, but is expected to return to the lineup - which should be full - on Tuesday.

In that link we also find that Nick Tanielu (14th Round - 2014) is trying to draw more walks. He hit .295/.360/.520 in Round Rock in 2019. Tanielu:
I had a slow start to the season last year, so I'm trying to get out to a better start. There's some stuff we're working on right now. It's kind of a grind, a long season. Just trying to be ready and not have such bad slumps at times, because last year, I really struggled early in the season. I'm trying to do whatever they ask - play around the infield. If they need me to go to the outfield, I would do that, too.

From Opening Day through May 1, 2019 Tanielu hit .213/.304/.350. From May 2 through the end of the season he hit .313/.372/.556.

*The Astros are open to external help for the rotation. James Click:
I think right now, based on what I've seen, we're at least seven deep. Hopefully we can get to eight or nine because one day you're at seven and, two days later, you can be at five or four, I obviously lived that with the Rays and so making sure that we are not counting on just five guys all season long is crucial.

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