Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Wednesday Brunch Hot Links

Haha! I forgot about the hot links. Better late than never I guess!

The Astros did not win last night. It was hard to watch. All 17 Rays no-name pitchers were on point last night while one of the best pitchers in the league was not. Gotta love baseball.

Well, I guess we should check out how it got this way.

Justin Verlander did not blame his bad start on short rest, but rather his slider that wasn't sliding.

Here is Justin Verlander's losses by month.

But honestly, all the unpredictability is what makes postseason baseball fun. Seeing the Astros and Dodgers go to 5 when they are clearly the best teams in the league is just baseball. Anybody can win at any day. October cannot be matched.

Oh, and also, what the heck was up with this dumb off-centered camera angle?

So the Astros are off today. It's Game 5 tomorrow. And the Astros have 8 good reasons to feel good.

And Gerrit Cole is gonna own.

The Astros are 3-1 all time in winner-take-all playoff games in the Luhnow era. Let's hope that number keeps going up.

All of this is boiling down to the Yankees being very pleased about all this. It's pretty understandable as to why.

At least Carlos' back doesn't hurt. He just has to lay down in planes. If only this was an option for us all.

There are two more Astros murals in town. Here's what they look like and how to find them.

If you're into "blinging things", here's a good place to bedazzle all your clothing Astros-style.

A Twitter user is NES-ifying all of the college football fight songs. This is so cool.