Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

Good morning. Verlander Day has come early. You know it's October when it seems like JV is pitching every other day 1911-style. The Rays are doing an opener, with Diego Castillo getting the call to start the 1st.

As for yesterday afternoon, we got Morton'd, Greinke got shelled, and the Astros couldn't get anything started with the bat. The Astros are now 1-4 in the Trop this season.

However, the Astros are confident Game 4 is theirs. Here are the upcoming keys to the game.

Here were some of the winners and losers across all of the postseason yesterday.

Will Harris has been irreplaceable this season.

The Astros really want to stay under the luxury tax threshold, so let's enjoy Gerrit Cole while we have him.

Ken Hoffman writes about how Houston really needs a better broadcast crew for October.

Why the Astros and Yankees would be a perfect ALCS.

The New York Times is looking ahead for an Astros-Yankees ALCS as well. And Houston is even better this time.

Which pitcher had the most dominant start for the Astros in their history: Mike Scott, Justin Verlander, or Gerrit Cole?

Here's a fun little story about the acquisition of Yordan Alvarez.

Everybody seems to have space helmets now. Here's how to get one.