Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

Ever since I took over the Hot Links, the Astros are only outscoring their opponents 43-22 :/// Not nearly as fun as yesterday's stat. 

Reminder, James has you covered on the Hot Links for the next 4 days. 

So the Astros got an at-home waxing last evening by Oakland 21-7 and hAhA i DiDnT kNoW tHeY pLaYeD fOoTbAlL oN tHuRsDaY. And yet again, more history was made last night.

Also, Wade Miley is carrying a less than stellar 324.00 ERA in his last two starts. And you know what they say: if you're in the same company as Elmer Riddle, you know you've done something wrong! (nobody has ever said this.)

Tonight's conclusion of the 48-hour-bullpen-day-palooza will lead off with Jose Urquidy.

Here's a look at even more records the Astros continue to break.

The Astros are conveniently dropping Carlos Correa in for a rehab assignment during the AAA championship game, which is hilarious to me.

While we're talking championships, here's a season recap of how Fayetteville got to their championship series as well.

The Astros commemorated the 800 foot Yordan Alvarez home run by painting the seat a bright orange.

The next wave of young exciting Astros pitchers has gotten...shorter.

Bryan Abreu is making the most of his time as a Houston Astro.

Here is a look at the current MLB landscape as it stands in relation to the playoff hunt with only three weeks to go.

Terrible news out of Milwaukee as Christian Yelich fractured his kneecap, ending his season. The Brew Crew are only 1.5 GB from the wild card slot in the NL.

Things you hate to see: our favorite real life superhero "Excuseman" was the super villain after all.