Sunday, September 8, 2019

Monday Morning Hot Links

Flick Nickem is back on the Hot Links.

I will (most weeks) be doing Hot Links again during the fall semester every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and will be posted very late at night on the day before. It will be a lot easier (hopefully) for both me and you knowing who is doing the Hot Links when they're all right in a row like this. 

P.S.A. over. Let's talk about the trouncing the Astros did yesterday afternoon. I didn't watch an out of it. Am I ashamed? Not really, but I can't say I had a good time watching football either. Let's call it a wash of a day.

The final was 21-1. That's wild. They outscored multiple NFL franchises. They broke single-game records. Cole was one garbage Crawford Box home run from taking a perfect game into the 9th. Nearly perfect baseball was played. 

Hinch noted there was no way he was sending Cole out for the 9th.

Yordan brought in his 70th RBI in his 70th career game. More history.

Gerrit Cole struck out a lot of people. More history.

Josh Reddick blew a monster bubble with some gum. Probably some sort of record.

The Astros are going with a 4 man rotation to close this one out.

Kyle Tucker is making the most of this time with the Astros.

Both Round Rock and Fayetteville are going to the championships of their respected leads. Here's how it happened.

Lima Time Time #113 has arrived. Time to give it a listen.

Unfortunately, the links are light on the Flick Nickem reunion tour, so this is all I got for today. But know this, I'll be back writing more Hot Links tomorrow. Maybe James can show me how he comes up this all these fun little stats that pop up in his posts that don't show up in articles. Time will tell.