Thursday, April 4, 2019

Ron Kulpa's Strike Zone

Hey everyone.

The Astros kind of suck right now - listening to the at bats on the radio (as I mostly do) is kind of painful, then checking out the highlights on just worsens the pain.  

The Astros are doing what they have done during periods of time for the last few years when they forget to score runs.  Which is: get enough hits and walks, lose players on the base paths, not hit for consistent power, and leave RISP all over the place.  They don't need any help screwing up.

For those who are interested, however, here is Ron Kulpa's strike zone from last night:

It, uh, isn't good.  In fact, it is possibly the worst I have seen for a while.  The worrying thing is that Ron Kulpa is not the worst umpire in the league.  Not by a long shot.

Bring on robot umps, I say...


Anonymous said...
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Chas R said...

Kulpa's ball-strikes were awful, but his attitude and demeanor were even worse. Yelling"I can do anything I want", tossing Cintron for nearly nothing, barking at Cole, and shoving Stassi. The guy should be fined. The lack of accountability of these MLB umps is astounding.

Anonymous said...

Kulpa is the poster child for Pitch Trac...

Unknown said...

You can write, I sent

I am writing this letter today because I am outraged at the actions of MLB umpire Ronald Clarence Kupla # 46 who was officiating home plate for the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers game on Wednesday, April 03, 2019 at Globe Life Park.

I have watched a lot of baseball and have seen some bad calls on occasions. The actions of Ronald Kupla this night was despicable. I, as a fan am asking that Joe Torre - Chief Baseball Officer; Peter Woodfork - Senior Vice President, Baseball Operations; Randy Marsh - Director, Major League Umpires review this entire game.

It was blatantly obvious by calls from the plate, that Umpire R. Kupla had an inherent bias against the Houston Astros.. Many of the pitches he called as strikes against the Astros were clearly outside the strike zone. Most were inside pitches, a few way outside and couple that started the expulsion of Coach Cintron and Manager Hinch were low and almost in the dirt in front of home plate.

Contrary to these calls against the Astros batters, the pitches from Gerrit Cole #45 were called balls when clearly in the strike zone. One in fact was right down the middle and was called a ball and most of his pitches remained within the strike zone.

The topper of the evening was when Umpire Kupla pushed his face mask in the catcher Matt Stassi’s abdomen. This guy is clearly out of control. He needs to be removed or seriously retrained. Preferably removed. A referee, umpire of any officiating officer should have no bias, and be neutral in all aspects of the game. This clearly was not the case.

Umpire Kupla appeared to be extremely overzealous in his officiating even displayed actions of taunting the Astro’s dugout. On several occasions, Kupla was the one that would initiate a confrontation. This behavior was uncalled for.

Thanks you