Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

Good morning Mike Fiers got shelled while we were asleep.

The big news of the day was the Ryan Pressly and Alex Bregman extensions, and I am happy to be the first one to break this news to you! This is what Ken Rosenthal must feel like! A real thrill I tell you what! Now I understand why he does what he does!

The Astros game was cancelled :/ The Boys have to adjust.

The Astros optioned all the best players of Spring yesterday, including Myles Straw, Yordan Alvarez, Nick Tanielu, and Myles Straw. Here's what Hinch had to say.

He also had some thoughts about the Deer Park fire.

No really, Nick Tanielu was very good.

Here is an article regarding Wade Miley's craftiness.

The Astros rotation could be enough to put them back on top this season.

The Crawfish Boxes sat down with pitching prospect Parker Mushinski for an interview about a lot of baseball-related things.

Astros have good pitchers, etc. etc. Very good farm system etc. etc.

Very pleased to hear Mayor Lincoln has been sworn in this week.