Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

The Astros were off yesterday, so that gave the team some time in the cryogenic chamber. Houston plays the Phillies today at 12:05pm Central.

*Jenny Dial Creech: Alex Bregman might just become the face of the Astros.

*Jake Kaplan takes another guess at the 25-Man Opening Day Roster. Might as well let this Verlander fella take the ball on March 28.

*Chandler Rome: We're now to the point where the only goal for the Astros is more World Series Championships.

*Jim Callis writes that, when it comes to farm system success, the Astros are unrivaled. Stay for the note on Nick Tanielu. Oh, and hey, is Bryan Abreu's (signed for $40,000 in 2013) curveball similar to Lance McCullers' curveball?

*Forrest Whitley is trying to stay healthy and consistent this season.

*One of Richard Justice's 10 Burning Questions in advance of Opening Day is whether the Astros positioned themselves as Buyers at the Trade Deadline.

*There's a report that MLB is considering implementing a pay raise for minor-leaguers in the next CBA.

*New Favorite Player Carlos Santana (he's so smoooooth) destroyed a clubhouse television when he saw two teammates playing Fortnite. I have never played Fortnite. But two nights ago I had a dream that I was playing Fortnite for the first time and

*22 years ago yesterday the Notorious B.I.G.'s funeral took place in Bed-Stuy.

*After a mysterious freestyle ski run in last year's Winter Olympics, people called Elizabeth Swaney a scam artist and the worst athlete in the history of the games. They're wrong.

*I like to listen to Alt Nation on Sirius XM. The excitement of wondering if they're going to play Mansionair next, or Barns Courtney, or Young the Giant, or Billy Eilish, or Mansionair, or Billy Eilish, or Mansionair is just too much for me to handle.

*A Musical Selection: