Monday, February 25, 2019

Monday Morning Hot Links

These are my first Hot Links since baseball is back but it's also at a time where I'm very busy with school stuff. Therefore, I can't go into as much detail as I'd like to today.

Also, once my schedule finally clears, I will be writing up a piece on Marwin, who as many many many of you know has been one of my favorite Astros for a long time. Like, pre-2017. Be on the look out for that one sometime this week.

The Astros beat both the Braves and the Mets yesterday. Altuve is expected to get his first Spring Training action tomorrow against the Mets (again) and Justin Verlander will take the hill to pitch. AT&TSportsNet is carrying tomorrow's game that starts at 1 EST/12 CST.

Here are some of my favorite Astros player names that played in some capacity in Spring Training games yesterday that you probably have never heard of:

Granden Goetzman (LF)
Kristopher Scheetz (P)
Nick Tanielu (3B)
Jonathan Arauz (SS)
Corey Julks (CF)
Osvaldo Duarte (2B)
Carmen Benedetti (RF)

We always have the best named players in baseball.

Corbin Martin got a taste of some major league hitters yesterday afternoon against Atlanta.

Framber Valdez pitched and didn't allow a run, but it wasn't necessarily a pretty thing to see for a guy competing for the 5th rotation spot.

I like Abraham Toro, and because I do, I am going to bump this Athletic article about him.

On This Day in Baseball History: