Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sunday Morning Hot Links

14 months ago I made a deal with God that, if the Astros could win the World Series, I would not get physically upset about the outcome of a sporting event (save for future Astros' playoff games, and Leeds United, and the USMNT). So, OU....I'm laughing, actually. Everything is fine.

*Wow the rumor mill really picked up today!

*Oh here's something:

Seth Lugo is 29, won't be a free agent until 2023, and is a Very Good Reliever. Seth Lugo has a Very High Spin Rate on his curveball - the highest spin rate on a curve ever tracked. The Astros sorta like all those kinds of things.

But the Mets are a franchise without a direction so it's literally impossible to figure out what they may want. I'm sure the Astros could give up a really good pair of prospects that would transform the Mets and not really dent the Astros' pipeline, because the Wilpons would like to pay $2.13/hour + tips.

*Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo says the Astros and Phillies are "very interested" in Arizona pitcher Robbie Ray. From 2016-2018, Ray has thrown 460IP, 398H/201ER, 601K:212BB, a 3.93 ERA / 1.33 WHIP backed up by a 3.89 FIP and an incredible 11.8 K/9. Walks are something, tho, having just posted a 5.1 BB/9 (70BB in 123.2IP) line in 2018.

*The Astros are apparently still interested in J.T. Realmuto, but the Marlins are still insisting on Forrest Whitley or Kyle Tucker. So the Marlins should be contracted and their former ownership and front office should be thrown in jail for corruption. F Jeter.

*Brian McTaggart went on MLB Network and said the Astros' chances of reacquiring Dallas Keuchel are "slim."

*Jon Morosi went on and said that the Astros *could* be involved in a trade for Cleveland's Seattle's Edwin Encarnacion.

*'s Emma Baccellieri says that, should Michael Brantley stay healthy, he'll be a good addition. Wow a high-contact, low-K LHB with a bit of power could help a potent, RHB-heavy offense, but only if he's actually on the field? Color me shocked.

*FiveThirtyEight has an interesting chart in which they rank the best (and worst) Sports Teams of 2018. The Astros ranked 2nd. The Red Sox ranked 1st. Recently I said that the Astros "ran into a buzzsaw" in the form of the Red Sox, and that wasn't really true. Alex Bregman damn near won two ALCS games by himself. Joe West and MLB Replays helped make sure the Red Sox won Game 4. I've said it - probably many times before - that the 2018 Red Sox caught every break that the 2017 Astros caught, and maybe more. It's whatever.

*Surprise! The Luxury Tax penalty might be bullcrap and is overexaggerated by owners who want to increase their profit margin.

*A Musical Selection:


John Martin said...

If the DBacks and Mets and Marlins will take what we are willing to give them for Ray and Lugo and Realmuto we should totally do that.

I dislike the idea of trading for EE for the same reasons I didn't want Cruz but in EE's case there's a clear regression over the past couple of seasons. Even if Seattle eats a significant amount of the 25 he's due, I would guess he's only going to project to 75% of his 2018 numbers.

P B said...

Nick Cafardo makes the extremely dubious claim in that article that Ed Wade really built the current Astros. I guess if Springer doen't hit a bunch of home runs they don't win the world series, but he and Reymin Guduan are the only players acquired by the Wade regime still on the 40 man. If you want to stretch you can give Wade some credit for guys connected by trade trees to moves he made, but those connections are pretty weak. You can also give him some development credit for Altuve (who predates the Wade era), or some credit for the Astros position in the 2012 draft, if you're feeling generous, although Altuve didn't break out in the majors until several years later and Correa was far from a sure 1-1 pick.