Friday, December 14, 2018

Friday Morning Hot Links

Happy Friday folks. You will not get 2 different Hot Links today. This one is all me. Buckle your seat belts and do not read these while you drive. Please wait until you get to the workplace. Don't even sneak a peek at a red light either. I care about your safety.

The Astros officially did absolutely nothing at Winter Meetings 2018, but that doesn't necessarily mean it was a waste.

Tags still believes at least one impact move is on its way.

I have absolutely no idea how the Rule 5 draft works, but we did it. It happened. We stole Alejandro Flores from the Nationals but were robbed the talents of Riley Ferrell, Drew Ferguson, and Ryan Thompson. More info here but the info is unfortunately only about the players mentioned above and not about how this whacked out draft works.

Alex Bregman posted a 50 minute podcast/roundtable discussion with Alex Rodriguez, Jake Marisnick, and other current major leaguers on his Youtube channel.

Astros and Drew Pomeranz?

Charlie Morton is gone, so I went to Youtube and found a 3 minute video of the lad straight dealing. Miss you already buddy.

And uh yeah. That's it.