Monday, November 26, 2018

Monday Morning Hot Links

Good morning. There is nothing happening. Why won't something happen? Got dang Boras.

*Via Buster Olney, the Astros are interested in the following players: A.J. Pollock, Andrew McCutchen, Michael Brantley.

Note that they're all outfielders, which - should this report be true (and I have issues with Buster Olney but they're not with his Sources or his Reporting) isn't exactly great news for Kyle Tucker. It's even worse news for Game 5 Hero Derek Fisher. Josh Reddick has 2yrs/$26m left on his deal, so the Astros are probably a year away from deciding whether he's worth the expense (though 2017 would indicate that, yes, he was).

*Related to Pollock and Arizona, the Diamondbacks are apparently legit interested in moving Paul Goldschmidt. According to Olney's sources, the return would be greater than what the Pirates got for McCutchen but less than what Baltimore got for Machado. The Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo says he keeps hearing the Astros are in on Goldschmidt.

*This is the worst time for Baseball.

*Mental Floss: The highly unusual funeral of Lee Harvey Oswald.

*Got an hour? Read the New Yorker's 25-year old profile of the recently-deceased magician Ricky Jay.

*A Musical Selection: