Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Flick, who turned...19, probably, I don't know. What I do know is that he graciously picked up three days of Hot Links posts per week and it has saved my sanity and, probably, my health. He's a gem and you should follow him on Twitter dot com.

*Tyler Bauer drank a little too much Zima and cranberry and got on Twitter dot com and accused Astros pitching coach Brent Strom of teaching him how to hide foreign substances and doctor baseballs. Tyler Bauer lives in The Woodlands.

If one of you doesn't put deli meat on Bauer's drone collection and let it eat the primer off of them then what are you even doing to help Astros County.

*Man I hate that guy. Which is probably his point. Which means I hate him even more.

*On what would have been World Series Media Day, Jeff Luhnow instead gave an offseason talk on the Astros' plans for 2019. Luhnow:
There's no doubt with two of our rotation members going into free agency we're going to have to replace them. We're going to look externally, we're going to look at that group itself and we're going to look internally and try and figure it out. The starting rotation was a huge strength of our team this year, and we want it to be the strength of our team next year. We've got the top two guys coming back, and they're going to be pretty solid and ready to go. The question is how we fill out the rest of the rotation. 

-I think we all know that someone is going to come along and give Dallas Keuchel a ton of money and he's probably going to take it.
-Charlie Morton wants to come back.
-Lance McCullers might be done for 2019, we don't know. A Mets blogger apparently does, which is weird, but here we are.
-Gotdang I've busted it for almost ten years here on this cursed website and ain't nobody in the org want to give me a #scoop?

*No one in the org is talking about who's hurt and how badly.

*Jeff Luhnow side-eyed Kyle Tucker:
I think next year is a big year for Kyle Tucker. We're going to give him a shot, but we're not going to hand him the job...I'm hoping that he's ready to take it and become a fixture for us, because he's the type of talent.

*ESPN's Sam Miller: The unlucky legacy of the 2018 Astros. If you click one link in this post, ignore Woodlands Drone Douche and click this one. It sums up what I've tried to wrap my head around for four days.

*Everyone on the Astros' 2018 coaching staff will be invited back, though you can bet that someone will offer a coach a job in an effort to catch that lightning. Bench Coach Joe Espada has interviewed with the Rangers, Angels (who hired Ausmus), Blue Jays, and Twins. Thirsty hoes looking for some Astros' glitter.

*SI's Emma Baccellieri: Meet the New York teenager who created 'The Mets are a Good Team' Super PAC.

*Hardball Times: The man behind Pesky's Pole.

*Vice: The history of the future of high school.

*A musical selection: