Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

Off-Day yesterday for everyone in baseball except the Brewers, and Walker Buehler. Astros/Red Sox at Minute Maid Park at 4:09pm Central today. I'm actually okay with the afternoon start time, as the Dodgers are playing a home game in Game 4. No Start Time Shenanigans from me today!

*Since the beginning of the 2017 postseason, the Astros are 10-1 at home in the playoffs, the lone loss coming in Game 4 of the World Series, with a +30 run differential.

*As we go back to the simulation sites, it's worth remembering that FiveThirtyEight's Game Prediction is 0-2: They thought the Red Sox would win G1 and the Astros would win G2. That said:

-FiveThirtyEight still gives the Astros a 58-42 edge in the ALCS, with a 55-45 nod in Game 3.
-FanGraphs has the Astros at 54-46 over Boston in the series.

*It's not terribly surprising that Dallas Keuchel isn't a fan of Bullpenning. Keuchel:
I think the 25-man roster, maybe a 30-man roster, throughout the course of 162 games is an ancient artifact now, where teams are more willing to just do whatever it takes, no matter the cost. But I don't like that.

In that link, we find Alex Cora talking about Alex Bregman going 0x3 with 6BB and an HBP. Cora:
So far we keep throwing to the edges, and he's not swinging. He's taking his walks. But we'll stay with our game plan. We still are attacking him the way we feel. And I'm not saying, 'So far, so good,' but there's not too much damage done from that spot right now.

It will be up to the guys behind Bregman to drive him in and score some runs.

*Mark Feinsand has the three keys for the Astros to win Game 3.

*Jose Altuve may start at DH in Game 3. Hinch, on Altuve and his knee:
We're going to play three days in a row here. So I talked to him about that, and just for him to continue to give us what he's got. And he's fine. Obviously it didn't hurt his swing in the ninth inning [Sunday night]. He's able to be a productive player. But he's battling it a little bit.

*The Athletic's Rustin Dodd: A.J. Hinch, once ahead of his time, is fueled by the lessons of the past. History, FTW.

*Here's a good Tyler Kepner article on Dallas "Kuechel," which is East Coast Headline Writer-speak for "Keuchel." (Kepner got his name right in the article. The headline guy? Come on, dude.)

*For as much as J.D. Martinez doesn't want to talk about the Astros, he sure does bring them up a lot.

*Alex Bregman and his connection to Ted Williams.

*Going to any of the games this week? Parking is going to suck.

*NY Times' Billy Witz has a good article on bullpen-changer Ryan Pressly. Luhnow:
Knowing that A.J. doesn't have to go grab our fifth starter and hope he can get three or four innings of a close playoff game, yeah, that gives me a lot of comfort this year compared to last. 

*The Toronto Sun: "Dynastic" Astros a tough out.

*Washington Post: The Astros take good pitchers and make them better.

*Jerome Solomon: Roberto Osuna is ready to do his part for the Astros.

*Speaking of Osuna, the Astros have made a long-term commitment to work with a dozen local and state agencies that advocate for victims of domestic violence.

*A Musical Selection: