Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

Good morning one and all and welcome back to another day of Hot Links at the Astros County establishment. I'm your host, Flick Nickem, and today we will be talking about the baseball game that occurred late last night in Seattle, Washington.

The Houston Astros defeated the Seattle Mariners 3-2 last evening thanks to big hits by Josh Reddick and Yuli Gurriel. Carlos Correa seemed to finally get back on track at the plate as he went 3-3 last night in addition to the other two players I previously mentioned above.

But it wasn't all lollipops and rainbows oh no it was not. The Astros grounded into a franchise record 6 double plays last evening, killing a lot of potential offensive opportunities. The team was carried by the phenomenal pitching performances from Peacock, newcomer Framber Valdez, Smith, Osuna (kind of), and Rondon.

Here's A.J. Postgame: *click me please I have a family to feed*

It was an emotional day for myself as I had to say goodbye to Cionel Perez (or as I like to call him, Cy-onel. Just kidding I do not say that. Love that guy though.) in order to make room for Framber. While I was very excited to add yet another name to the list of funny Astros players, this isn't the way I wanted it to happen. Farewell, sweet prince. Until September :'(

However, Framber lived up to the hype. After being named minor league pitcher of the month, he notched his first career win after going 4.1 innings allowing only 2 hits and striking out 4.

Devo and McCann were hanging out with the team yesterday since Fresno was playing in Washington as well and they are on the longest "rehab assignment" in franchise history probably.

Osuna is allegedly the closer even though Rondon closed last night.

There is currently a $2 ticket available for the Angels game in Anaheim on Sunday. However if you aren't a poor, there are still tons of $4 tickets you can splurge on as well.

I don't plan on linking a whole lot of my tweets, but it is kind of terrifying how similar Josh Reddick and short-haired Kurt Cobain look.

Just in case you forgot, our last 4 regular season games are against the Baltimore Orioles, who is very well on pace to be worse than these historically bad Orioles teams.

Altuve is very proud after collecting his first career hit in AAA.


Apparently the Huffington Post has no shame in posting an article headlined "Famously Thicc Cat, High Maintenance Cat Finds New Human As Extra As He Is." Somebody needs to lose a job over this.

It's "near-on impossible" to pick Shed of the Year this year.

On This Day In Baseball History
In 1965, Juan Marichal attacked Johnny Roseboro with his bat, sparking a nearly 15 minutes brawl.

In 1966, Orioles player Davey Johnson saved teammate Frank Robinson from nearly drowning in a pool.

In 1982, Ernie Banks number was retired by the Cubs.

Also in 1982, Cardinals catcher Glenn Brummer stole home to walk off St. Louis in extra innings. He had 4 career stolen bases.

In 1989, Nolan Ryan became the only pitcher to strike out 5000 batters.

In 2007, the Rangers became the first MLB team post-1900 to score 30 runs in a game.

In 2011, Matt Holliday was forced to leave the game after a moth got stuck in his right ear.