Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday Morning Hot Links

Okay everybody I have to be honest: I did not watch a single pitch of the Astros game last night. Between work, college football, and the brand new episode of Impractical Jokers, I just had better things to do (in fact, I have to write these Hot Links WHILE watching college football at 12:53 a.m. instead of fully being focused on the game :| ) It seems this game was one worth missing however, as the Astros fell to the Angels 5-2. Unsurprisingly, Tyler White Did It Again to provide the only source of offense for Houston last night in the 9th, while Justin Verlander went 5.1 innings striking out 11 and giving up 3 ER, raising his ERA yet again to 2.78. JV's ERA has gone up 0.59 points since the start of August, when he was sporting a 2.19. Here he is postgame.

Tony Kemp and Tyler White were on Intentional Talk yesterday.

Everybody wants tickets for the new Astros minor league team in Fayetteville.

A's bloggers are mad that the Astros were allowed to move the Crawford Boxes 30 feet closer to home plate for Tyler White in the 9th.

A.J. Hinch was officially extended until 2022. Here is Crane, Luhnow, and Hinch addressing the media after the announcement. Here is the team being all proud and stuff of their manager <3

Shohei Ohtani was named the started against Houston for Sunday Night Baseball. He will attempt to pitch through a UCL Tear. Ratings are gonna be sweet though!

Somebody needs to confiscate Twitter from C.J Nitkowski.

J.P. Morosi explains why the Astros, not the Red Sox, are "clear favorites" to win the AL. The other guy on the desk said its probably the Red Sox, but he said "Marlin" Gonzalez. So.

Forrest Whitley, J.B. Baukauskas, and Myles Straw headline the Astros Fall League Roster.

The heartbreaking story of how a rainout kept Phillies pitcher Brian Mazone from pitching in the big leagues.

KFC is literally giving a family $11,000 for naming their baby after Colonel Sanders.

You can't go swimming on the beaches of Landevennec because of this sexually charged dolphin.

On This Day in Baseball History

In 1915, Jimmy Lavender threw a no-hitter. He currently has the best name of any pitcher in MLB history who threw a no-hitter.

In 1969, Clete Boyer was kissed by Morganna, also known as "the kissing bandit." That night, Boyer snapped his 1-17 slump and went 8-15 over the next few games.

In 1990, Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey Jr. became the first father-son duo to play in the same major league lineup.

Also in 1990, the Red Sox decided against trading Scott Cooper for Larry Andersen and decided to give the Astros Jeff Bagwell instead.

In 2010, Aroldis Chapman made his major league debut.


Roger Copello said...

Great story on Bagwell's trade to the Astros

Bill Holcombe said...

So the Crawford Boxes affect play to much but the vast confines of the Coliseum don't

Chas R said...

An As fan called in to MLB radio's Inside Pitch show hosted by Casey Stern and was complaining about he Crawford Boxes. Any ballpark plays the same for both teams. If it was so easy for Tyler White to hit that HR, why didn't As hitters do it? C'mon Man!

Trevor Harris said...

Ha this post started off too familiar to me. Got home at 6, taught a bible study til 830, watched my recording of the Ags til about 1130 and then kept my eyes open long enough to watch Impractical Jokers. Is it really even a Thursday if you don’t watch IP?

Wallee Wright said...

Hinch sent the best defensive outfielder on the team, perhaps the league, to Fresno because he could hardly hit .200 from the nine-hole ... Carlos is now 11 for 69 since his return from that little vacation in Corpus with his fiance and Hinch continues to 'hit' him in the three- or four-spot. Perhaps this makes sense in some parallel universe, but because this rally-killer is at short the shortstop we drafted from LSU is playing third, and the the third baseman we signed from Cuba is playing first, and Marwin is in left because the first baseman White is now DH and Gattis is getting splinters on the bench despite carrying the team for all of July. I'd say a four year extension is in order for the Hunch.