Friday, August 24, 2018

Friday Morning Hot Links

Hello everyone! It's Players Weekend! So for this edition of Hot Links, you are not allowed to refer to be by my real name, Flick Nickem, but my Player's Weekend Name, Pilot Terry Byrd. Why is my name Pilot Terry Byrd? Let's start with my title. If you were familiar with my #online #brand, then you would understand that I stan Pilot G2 pens. The Pilot G-2 07 mm Fine Point Retractable Premium Gel Ink Pen IS the #1 gel pen on the market today, so it only makes sense that my favorite company gets a shoutout in my Players Weekend name.

But Terry Byrd? Well, Terry Byrd is the last three syllables of my favorite flying friend, the secretary bird. My entire Twitter persona revolves around these dudes, and I always go the extra mile to show everyone I meet just how awesome these birds really are, like how they kick snakes in the head until they die. So now you know. Is Pilot Terry Byrd stupid? Yes. But so is Flick Nickem. Let me have fun.

Anyways, A's lost! Astros are now up 1.5 games on them and 5.5 up on Seattle this morning as we inch ever so slowly into September and seeing all our injured fellas and Fresno friends in Houston again. We take on the Angels this weekend, who currently aren't at full strength right now with Trout and Upton on the DL. The A's are also playing a less-than-stellar Twins team with weekend, so it is imperative for the Astros to pick up these wins in order to stay atop the standings by weekends end.

Let's get down to linking!

The Ringer's Zach Kram talks about why there is no good reason to worry about the Astros.

The Major League Baseball Creators of Content made an Astros Infield Highlight Reel.

The plan is for Springer to get back into the lineup tonight.

Do you like the Astros stare home run celebration? Buy a T-shirt of it.

These people waited absolutely too long for an Alex Bregman bobblehead. Who does this? why?

Minor League Ball gives us the midseason review of the top 20 2018 Astros prospects (we have seen a lot of them so far this season).

Andrew McCutchen addresses clearing waivers and not being in the lineup. My favorite part:
“I don’t really understand that process. I don’t get it. I don’t know waivers or clearers or revocables. I don’t know what that stuff means, man. I have a better chance understanding trigonometry.”


The Astros have hit into a LOT of double plays.

J.D. Davis is on an unreal tear in Fresno right now.

Speaking of Fresno Grizzlies on an unreal tear right now, Kyle Tucker is hitting .700 in Fresno since his demotion.

Ken Giles has gotten his ERA under 10 in Toronto!

Jacob DeGrom has been absolutely unreal this season. He might win the Cy Young this year. He has 8 wins to show for it.

Paris is rolling out sidewalk urinals where you pee in this mailbox-looking thing in very public areas because they have a problem with "wild peeing." This is the most important link of the whole post.

Professional cuddlers are now making over 30 euros an hour (roughly $35 USD an hour)

On This Day In Baseball History

In 1919, Indians pitcher Ray Caldwell was struck by lightning after pitching 8.2 innings. He was knocked unconscious, revived after a 5 minute delay, refused to be taken out, and got the last out for a complete game win.

In 1951, the St. Louis Browns had the Grandstand Managers Night, where the fans democratically coached the team.

In 1983, Orioles pitcher Tippy Martinez picked off three Toronto Blue Jays players in one inning.

In 2007, Greg Maddux became the first pitcher ever to win 10 games in a season for 20 years in a row.