Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sunday Morning Hot Links

Six more Sundays and the Astros will be stretching on a field in Florida...

*Jose Altuve is Buster Olney's best 2B in the game.

*Dallas Keuchel has been out of his walking boot for about ten days. Keuchel:
I'm almost full bore with everything. This year, I'm taking a little cardio off until right around Spring Training time because I'm a year older and trying to be a year wiser and not push myself too early, just because the season is so long and if we are going to be in the playoffs again it's going to be an extra month.

*Lance McCullers organized a camp at MMP for 200 local kids.

*FanGraphs' Sunday Notes: Brady Aiken's career is nearing a crossroads. David Laurilia:
Two years after the Indians drafted him in the first round - and two years post Tommy John surgery - Aiken spent his summer pumping low-octane gas. A heater that touched 96 in high school was now hovering in the high 80s, and only occasionally north of 90. Other numbers were a concern as well. The 21-year old southpaw had a 4.77 ERA and walked 101 batters in 132 innings for low-A Lake County.

*Brandon Barnes: Artist

*The Rangers are interested in trading for Christian Yelich.

*How one collector spent 17 years searching for Moonlight Graham's autograph.

*For the second year in a row my favo(u)rite soccer team was knocked out of the FA Cup by a lower division team.

*USA Hockey is set up for global domination.

*From Smells Like Teen Spirit tuned to a major key is unsettling: