Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday Morning Hot Links

*Random 2017 Astros Fact:

The Astros scored 361 runs with two outs in 2017. Here's how that stacks up against the rest of the AL:

Houston: 361
Minnesota: 300
Cleveland: 294
Arlington: 290
Baltimore: 289
New York: 286
Boston: 283
Anaheim: 271
Chicago: 267
Detroit: 264
Toronto: 261
Tampa Bay: 259
Seattle: 252
Kansas City: 250
Oakland: 231

*Dallas Keuchel told David Nuño that the story about his foot was "bigger than it needed to be."

*Jim Callis writes that the Astros won't part with Kyle Tucker or Forrest Whitley, but guys like Musgrove, Fisher, and Martes could be on the move when the Winter Meetings start tomorrow.

*Jake Kaplan writes about the impact of Stanton's addition to the Yankees' lineup.

*Bregman had a thought on the Stanton trade:

*Bill Madden writes that Derek Jeter "blundered."

*Ken Davidoff thinks that it's "killing" Jeter for people to think he's purposely helping the Yankees.

*One of the prospects sent to Miami is Jorge Guzman, whom the Astros sent to New York for Brian McCann, who is now maybe the Marlins' best prospect.

*Carlos Correa and Michael Feliz showed up at a toy drive in The Woodlands.

*Lance McCullers helped dogs find a home (evergreen headline)

*FanGraphs: The American League is turning in to the National League.

*Michael Baumann put the Marlins' ownership in a body bag.

*The Rangers could go to a six-man rotation.