Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sunday Morning Hot Links

*Random 2017 Astros Fact:

Left-handed batters v Astros Bullpen, 2017 (sorted by OPS-against):

Devenski (144 ABs): .111/.178/.326, 61K:10BB
Giles (102 ABs): .196/.270/.314, 37K:11BB
Harris (73 ABs): .233/.263/.342, 19K:3BB
AL AVERAGE: .253/.326/.425, 2.35 K:BB ratio
Martes (95 ABs): .253/.372/.389, 27K:15BB
Musgrove (194 ABs): .268/.314/.448, 56K:12BB
Hoyt (95 ABs): .284/.333/.463, 31K:7BB
Paulino (60 ABs): .317/.359/.483, 19K:4BB
Feliz (75 ABs): .280/.345/.533, 23K:8BB
Sipp (73 ABs): .247/.304/.548, 18K:5BB

*Okay so Dallas Keuchel was spotted by TMZ Sports in a walking boot. When asked what happened, Keuchel said it happened during a slip in the World Series parade.

*Carlos Correa and his fiancee Daniella Rodriguez surprised kids at a Katy Bass Pro Shops fishing clinic.

*Kate Morrison looks at what makes Jose Altuve special.

*Derek Fisher is loving life right now.

*Within the FanGraphs Sunday Notes column, we find that maybe Sig Mejdal could be a manager one day?

*The truth behind the mysterious Eastern European World Series Gambler (this story is nuts).

*The Mariners are going hard after Shohei Ohtani.

*Former Braves international scouting director is going to flip.