Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Morning Hot Links

I was without wifi for a couple of days while on a work thing. I hate missing a day, not because I feel guilty about it (I don't, and actually sort of enjoyed a little break), but because it's actually kind of easier. I know where I left off from the previous day, so the four or five little tactics I use to find what I feel are the most interesting articles become compounded when it's been since, say, Thursday morning. Anyway, posting shouldn't be too terribly sporadic over Thanksgiving. Hope you had a good weekend and, if you're traveling, please do stay safe. (Admittedly this is a dumb saying. "Stay safe," as though you're reading this while driving a car full of your loved ones over Monteagle Mountain and thinking to yourself, "Oh, yes, well if AC says to be safe, I should probably put my phone down.")

Random 2017 Astros fact:

1st-Place votes, MVP (in either league) since 1993:
Albert Pujols: 32, 2009
Barry Bonds: 32, 2002
Joey Votto: 31, 2010
Bryce Harper: 30, 2015
Mike Trout: 30, 2014
Barry Bonds: 30, 2001
Sammy Sosa: 30, 1998
Kris Bryant: 29, 2016
Chipper Jones: 29, 1999
Andrew McCutchen: 28, 2013
Barry Bonds: 28, 2003
Ken Griffey: 28, 1997
Ken Caminiti: 28, 1996
Jeff Bagwell: 28, 1994
Frank Thomas: 28, 1993
Jose Altuve: 27, 2017
Buster Posey: 27, 2012
Joe Mauer, 27: 2009

*From a couple of days ago: Hunter Atkins writes how Jose Altuve captured Houston's heart a long time ago.

*Jon Heyman says the Astros are trying to sign A.J. Hinch to a long-term extension. Hinch is under contract for 2018 with an option for 2019.

*The Chicago Tribune's Paul Sullivan wonders how the Astros can be Not Like the Cubs and avoid a World Series hangover in 2018.

*And I guess the Chicago baseball writers were at the same bar because here's the Sun-Times' Gordon Wittenmyer with the lesson the 2017 Cubs provide for the 2018 Astros.

*I hope you got to read JMay's "The Astro Way" post.

*Jake Kaplan writes that the Astros plan on Gattis being the primary DH in 2018. Luhnow:
I think we'll have some options for backup catcher next year that will allow Gattis to primarily be a DH and third catcher, which is probably ultimately the best role for him.

*The Round Rock Express denied a Fort Worth Star-Telegram article saying that they're planning on telling the Rangers next month that they'll flip back to the Astros following the 2018 season, when their PDC expires. Houston's PDC with Fresno expires following the 2018 season, as well.

*Oooooh Lance McCullers was not happy with a couple of Kansas City AL MVP voters who did not give Altuve 1st place on their ballot. The Kansas City Star's Rustin Dodd explained why he voted for Cleveland's Jose Ramirez over Altuve (2nd) and Judge (3rd).

*Kyle Tucker went 2x4 in the Arizona Fall League championship game yesterday. Tucker:
I wanted to come here and work on some stuff and get a little bit better, and work on stuff that I can now do in the rest of the offseason and get ready for next year.

*Josh Reddick went home to southeast Georgia, got a hero's welcome, and broke ground on a $1m community baseball field, which Reddick completely funded.

*Astros minor-leaguer Carlos Pimentel got popped for Stanozolol and will be suspended for 56 games in 2018. Pimentel, 23, made his debut in 2017 throwing 19.1IP, 18H/10ER, 21K:6BB for the GCL Astros, where he was 2.6 years older than his average competition.

*Watch this:

*Thoughts and prayers to Scott McCaughey.