Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday Morning Hot Links

*Random 2017 Astros fact:

134 pitchers threw at least 100IP in 2017. 21 of them struck out 10.00 batters per nine innings or more. Three of them were Astros:

8. Brad Peacock (10.98)
19. Lance McCullers (10.01)
21. Charle Morton (10.00)

The Indians had five pitchers on this list. The Dodgers also had three pitchers if you count Yu Darvish. The Nationals had two on the list.

*Carlos Correa's moon-shot home run was a hit 11% of the time. David Adler has the Statcast-anointed unlikeliest hits of the year.

*Sam Miller: Your team's next closer will be a surprise - even to him.

*Matthew Stafford called the Verlander audible.

*Don't forget that you can buy good Houston shirts from BreakingT here and, through Monday, it's 25% off and free shipping after $50.

*Dave Cameron has the five free agents to avoid.

*A report was brought in this afternoon that one of the horses that were hauling the Fat Men's team to the baseball park dropped dead on the way. How the team finally got to the park is not learned. The price of the horse will be charged to the Fat Men.
-Brownsville, 1909.

*The incredible inventiveness of Hedy Lamarr.