Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday Evening Hot Links

I was pressed for time this morning and didn't have a chance / wasn't in a great mental state to post a full-on Hot Links. Seeing as how there were a bunch of articles filed after I had already posted, I thought I'd run a follow-up post this evening to help pass the time until 7:45pm, when I plan on going to bed.

*The replies to Todd Kalas' request for videos of the Bregman walk-off are just fantastic and I teared up like four teams watching them.

*Jonah Keri's article is gold. Keri:
Somewhere in Midtown or Uptown, in Sunnyside or Montrose, in Alief or Gulfton, there's a Little Leaguer who went to sleep many hours past bedtime, pretending to be Alex Bregman. Some nights, you never forget.

*Shea Serrano: A first-time baseball fan's guide to the craziest World Series ever. Serrano:
Baseball is only the most boring thing of all time or the most stressful thing of all time. Those are the only two temperatures it seems to have.

*'s Anthony DiComo:
Somewhere in the soup of bodies, Alex Bregman's helmet flew off, revealing the tight curls beneath it. His teammates crowded around him, grabbing his shoulders, his arms, the threads of his jersey. Bregman managed, eventually, to lift his head through the madness. His eyes were wide, his mouth agape, a screaming sea of orange around him. "Pure joy."

*Derek Fisher:
Maybin told me, 'I feel like one of us is going to score the winning run today.' It was basically just, 'Run as fast as you can, and hopefully you beat the ball.'

*The LA Times' Andy McCulloch:
The baseballs are too slick, or maybe they are juiced, or maybe it's both. The strikeouts happen too often and the home runs never stop falling and the umpire is always wrong. The sport of baseball is broken in 2017, or it's rejuvenated, or it's somewhere on the spectrum in between: still perfect for all its imperfections, still timeless for all its radical modernity, still agonizing for what it can do to the lungs and the brain and the spleen.

*Yahoo's Jeff Passan:
Game 5 ended with Bregman feathering a single off Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen into left field, with pinch runner Derek Fisher sliding into home, with the Astros moshing around Bregman and bleating his catchphrase, with a 13-12 walk-off victory in the 10th inning that handed them a three-games-to-two series lead and left the Astros one win shy of their first World Series championship. It ended with the 43,300 at Minute Maid Park finally capable of taking a breath after holding it for the entirety of the game and simultaneously incapable of catching it because the only fair response to what had just unfolded was hyperventilation.

*Tom Verducci:
The Dodgers and Houston Astros played a brand of baseball that didn't exist three years ago, never mind back in Koufax's humble day of long shadows and short games. It was as if they took every major trend in the game these days, chucked them in a blender and hit puree. Out spilled a concoction that thrilled in ways never before seen or imagined in a World Series.

*USA Today's Bob Nightengale:
You want crazy, colorful braggadocio from a team that just won the biggest, craziest, most entertaining game of their lives, but instead see players almost too numb to talk, emotionally drained to even celebrate.

*Justin Verlander thinks the balls have been altered.

These are what it's all about. These are the moments that you want to be a part of as a baseball player. It's everything you could ask for. 

*Alex Bregman is on the path to superstardom.

*The Astros need two home runs tomorrow night to set the record for most home runs in a single postseason. There have been more extra-base hits (42) than singles in this World Series.