Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Morning Hot Links

Kinda depressing knowing that this could be the last day of Astros baseball. Luckily for all of us, Justin Verlander takes the mound for Game 6, hoping to push the series to a Game 7 tomorrow night.

*Hinch is grateful for the Veteran Presence (presented by Camping World) that Beltran and McCann exhibited following the G5 loss.

*Sports Illustrated: How Carlos Beltran sparked traditional clubhouse chemistry in a data-driven organization.

*Check out what this fan went through and attended Game 1.

*Tonight is what Verlander was brought here for and, as the NYDN notes in the link, Justin Verlander hasn't lost an elimination game since 2006.

*Grant Brisbee: Why are the Astros hitting like a team full of Jon Lesters?

*Richard Justice: The 2017 Astros can find hope at the expense of the 2004 Astros.

*Let's see what this "Voodoo" thing is about. Absolem:
We mean that we're going to bind their hands and their sight and bind their skills as baseball players so we can give an advantage to our Astros home team. They'll throw bad pitches. They might drop their bat. They might hit the ball and it might not go anywhere.

*A.J. Hinch isn't going to name his G7 starter.

*Bob Klapisch, playing to his base: Hey Astros, Maybe It's Just the Yankees' Year

*Kyle Tucker became the first guinea pig in this minor-league Courtesy Runner experiment.

*Evan Drellich writes that Alex Cora will be the next manager of the Boston Red Sox.