Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

The Astros were off last night, and are about to start a three-city, eight-game road trip, going to Chicago, East Fort Worth, and Arizona (for the first two of a four-game home-and-home series). The Angels were the only AL West team to play last night, and they lost. The Astros still have a 15-game lead with 51 games remaining.

*The White Sox are the only AL team whom the Astros have not yet played this season.

*Jake Kaplan says October questions are already materializing.

*The Astros did indeed call about Verlander, but "nothing materialized."

*Deadspin asks if the Astros need Justin Verlander.

*Sam Miller says we should all root for an Astros/Dodgers World Series. Fun read. Miller:
The Astros' offense against the Dodgers' defense is basically just an All-Star game. It's an All-Star game that counts, really counts, and that goes for seven games and that will not let up no matter how out of adrenaline you are by Game 4. You don't have to like either of these teams to see the value in that.

*The Astros will show The Sandlot on the JumboBigMegatron after the August 17 game against the Di'mon'ba'ks. The game starts at 1:10pm, so you should be home by 6:30-7:00pm. Here's some VIP ticket information.

*Fresno had five runs before they even recorded a hit. Seriously. Let's see how that happens, here's the bottom of the 1st:
-Tony Kemp: HBP
-Reid Brignac: BB
-Preston Tucker: (Passed ball) Walk
-A.J. Reed: BB (1-0 Fresno)
-Jack Mayfield: BB (2-0 Fresno)
-Jon Kemmer: BB (3-0 Fresno)
-Drew Ferguson: Pop-up
-Garrett Stubbs: Groundout (4-0 Fresno), error (5-0 Fresno)

Fresno managed to piss away that game, though, with a 14-9 loss.

*Quad Cities extended their win streak to seven games with an 8-5 win over Beloit. Carson LaRue won his league-leading 12th game of the year.

*Helluva catch from last night's Tri-City/Aberdeen game:

*Jon Ryan, punter for the Seahawks, is running a summer league baseball team.

*This guy - once paralyzed - will run a half-marathon with the guy who hit him with his truck.

*Read this 1946 article about six survivors from Hiroshima.

*Have Smartphones destroyed a generation?

*RIP Don Baylor.